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On The Fly
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 7:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 6:17 am

On The Fly ;
I had gone to a adult arcade while living on the west coast briefly, I had been to one before this but nothing to write home about. This one wasn’t much better they had the booths with the glass between them so you could see each other nothing like the ones you see in porn with the gloryholes. I was mildly disappointed, art least I could Jack off.
I went in reach of a booth and went toward the back of the arcade area that’s when I seen her. She was about five foot, maybe a little taller and what an ass. She darted in a booth left the door open and with a finger motioned me to come in. As I got closer she was a hot little Latina with dark shoulder length hair small perky breasts. She was dressed in those tight hip huggers shorts and a tank top. Her dark eyes drew me in, as I entered the booth she locked the door behind us.
She bid me to sit down as so did she straddled me and are lips met we kissed God this gal had passion. She sat there straddling me as we chatted for a little bit I found out her name was Lita and she was from the area. I put money in the machine she had turned sitting on my lap to watch the porn on screen she switched channels till it hit something we liked. Soon I couldn’t take it I was getting hard my dick was poking her in her ads cheek. I heard her giggle and seductively she leaned back and started grinding her ads on me. I grabbed around her waist and lifted her top off grabbed both breasts and began squeezing them, she gave out a moan. She reached down and grabbed a handful of cock “ Oh my papi is this for me?” She said “ And then some.” I replied. I kissed her neck while groping her from behind, God was she sexy as all sin as she kept grinding on me. She turned and we locked lips then she slid down undid my shorts and slid them all the way of me “ Oh my.” She said grabbing my dick in her hand and stroking it as she lowered her lips and wrapped her warm wet mouth around the head and slowly began to suck me off. She tried deep throating me but she just kept gagging, gotta give her credit she had heart.
She stood up frustrated “ are you attracted to me?” She asked me. I stood up towering over her now grabbed her bent her over pulling her shorts down as I did an she seemed to close her legs tight as I did. I spread her ads cheeks apart , I knew she was a transsexual right when I entered the room. I lubed my dick up generously grabbed her cheeks spreading them as I lifted them up and pushed my dick slowly in her ass pussy. “ Oh papi…” she moaned as I slowly pushed more of me into her. Fuck her ass was tight but felt so good I slowly moved back and forth now each time pulling almost out and pushing. Balls deep in her ass. I kept fucking her like this for a while then I moved a little faster now she was moaning and panting and saying stuff in Spanish, although I could only understand a little of what she was saying it turned me on. I pulled out now spun her around grabbed her hips and sat her in the bench spread her legs she kept trying to cover her dick I pushed her hands away got on my knees and put her dick in my mouth sucking her off she shivered and made a little cooing sound. I sucked her off for a few minutes , then spread those legs further and shoved my dick in her deep “ Oh papi take me…. “ I began pounding that ass as I did she reached down and jacked off she had a nice dick for a little thing we kept the pace up harder I fucked her now. She began moaning and speaking Spanish spurring me on “ I’m going to cum popi…” I Looked down as she cam on her belly I felt myself stiffen up “ yes… yes… I’m going to cum..” I grunted “ yes popi cum in me….take me I’m yours…” I shot my load in her deep as I did she wrapped her arms and legs around me after cumming she kissed me on the nose and I slowly pulled out of her. We got dressed and she gave me her number, we went out a few other times before I moved again each time ending with us naked wrestling somewhere.
A Friend In Deed
Posted:Mar 15, 2019 4:19 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2019 4:06 pm

A Friend in deed…..
I couldn’t think of a good title for this story. All names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. This story takes place in my mid twenties.
I was always curious growing up that didn’t change as I got older, I became more curious about my sexuality. I grew up in a environment that homosexuality was wrong , a sin and you were damned if you performed such acts. So in secret I would fantasies about what it was like to be the girl in the porns I watched. To suck a dick, to get fucked by a dick If often sneak phallic like objects out of the house and go to an abandoned house close by with a porn mag I’d snuck out of house.
I had met him on the job we had the same interests, eventually we became friends and one night he had told me after partying at a friends house and crashing at mine. He was gay and we chatted about stuff and eventually things came full circle to me. An I had told him I had fantasies about what it was like to suck a dick, and to have anal sex. He told me that friend of his told him that I was a closet case, something I’d find out about. We ended up passing out. The next day I dropped John off at home and after that we didn’t talk about it that much he knew I still felt awkward about talking about such thing and basically one of the reasons I did was we were stoned, and I considered him a very close friend.
That summer came and I wanted a birthday party but no where to throw it. John suggested his house and I agreed John had mentioned about me watching gay porn a while back to maybe help get rid of some of the awkwardness I had . Since I lived with relatives that made it almost impossible till I bought my own TV, I’d wait till everyone was asleep and “ study” as I called it. The night of my birthday party came we had bought a keg, had some bottles, and yes there were recreational substances also. That night I had been hitting on this girl just to find out she was married and just flirting so she could party with us. Kind of butt hurt John told me not to worry about it and just have fun. The hour grew late and everyone hard left accept John and I in which he passed out on the couch and I was left to my own vices. I snuck to his room and found hos porn stash found a couple of movies and ran back out to the living room. John was still passed out I did a couple shots nervous and pooped in a movie and bam there were three guys sucking each other off with huge dicks. I must have turned red and looked over at John who was still passed out. I watched a few scenes getting hornier by the scene I was stroking my dick though my shorts at this point salivating at the mouth just wishing I had something to suck on. I looked over at John sleeping hmmmm… I thought to myself who else to try doing stuff with , he was older, seemed experienced, and I trusted him. I reached over and rubbed his dick though his jeans he moaned a little. I could feel his cock getting harder as I grabbed and rubbed it now the big test I undid his pants reached in and pulled out his dick. It was hard and curved like a banana but thick, and a good size it had to be about seven inches long even curved. I was so nervous as I leaned forward and wrapped my warm mouth around the head. It felt warm and inviting to me like his dick was calling me to suck it. I slowly went up and down the shaft as he began to move I looked up at him just as he opened his eyes. We locked eyes as I continued to suck him off. I didn’t look away he grabbed my head “ damn… that feels good. Wow where did you learn to suck a dick?” he asked I kept sucking his dick now I was trying to deep throat him imitating the guys on the screen as I sucked his dick. Wow I really enjoyed sucking him off “ don’t stop… that’s it suck it… yea keep sucking don’t stop…please…” I kept up the pace I felt him grow stiff and knew he was going to cum soon “ I’m gonna cum…” he said I for some reason toke it as a challenge and deep throated him as he shot loads of cum in my mouth I swallowed it all and kept sucking till he pulled my head off his dick.” Wow where did you learn that, I can’t even swallow. “ he said amazed. “ well I just figured you would like your dick sucked like I would. Or like that.” I said pointing to the screen on the TV. “ wow you have skills, and a bag of chips. Heck if I’d known you could suck dick like that I’d have tried getting with you.” He said laughing. He could tell I was getting embarrassed and told me it was ok my dick was raging hard. We ran out to the dining room did some shots and some recreational stuffs. Ran back into the living room and watched more porn I jacked off for him exploding my fun everywhere and licking it up as he instructed of me. “ if I can get your dick hard again, van we do that?” I asked him pointing at the screen where one guy was fucking another doggie style. John grinned “ wait you want to do that.” I got on my knees and crept toward him as he spread his legs open. “ I want you to mount me…..” I said to him as O went down on him soon his dick stood at attention he grabbed some lube out of his room and lubes his dick up generously and first the head I moaned. Then more and more till he was fully in me “ Oh god “ I moaned as he slowly moved back and forth “ you ok?” he asked concerned “ yeah it just hurts, but feels so good at the same time.” He slowly kept working his shaft back and forth. “ Oh yes that feels so amazing “ I said as I pushed back now letting him know he could go faster if he wanted. My dick was so hard now and precum flying everywhere from the tip. He was teasing me I could tell he grabbed my hips so they wouldn’t move and worked his dick slow and steady driving me crazy as he did. I was facing the screen watching the guy on guy fucking that’s what I wanted it’s what I craved now. “ do it … fuck me…take that ass…. That’s your ass.” With that I spread my legs wonder and poped my ass up. John instantly began fucking me now “ is this what you want?” he said as kept pounding me from behind fuck it hurt but felt amazing I reached down and stroked my dick as he fucked me doggy style. We fucked for a few more minutes “ I’m gonna cum… “ he said as I jacked myself off faster John lunged deep as I moaned load and barebacked me. I shit my load just after he did John pulled out slowly as I fell on my stomach panting he fell on the floor next to me. “ we gotta get up and move before my roommates get back.” John had said to me as we picked up are cloths and movies , left over recreational stuffs we had and headed to his room.
Once in there I crashed on his bed and fell to a deep sleep I woke in the late afternoon still naked when John walked in the room appears you he had gone shopping and bought me some fast food and something to drink. We ate as we did I wondered if last night was a dream “ did we…” I tried asking John. “ Oh yeah we did tiger.” He said with a smile like the cat that ate the canary. I moved and my body especially my ass confirmed what had happened. I was sore but not as bad as I thought, after all sometimes I’d use well cucumbers or Zuccini on myself from time to time with a condom. John knew everything about my fantasies and some of the things I did even with produce. Which he had told me was something he had be here thought of or tried. I think it turned him on some of the things I told him John had gone out of the room said he had an errand to run and would be back soon. “ will you be here when I get back?” he asked me I nodded yes. John had left me a joint to help ease the hangover I had I seen his TV was on and a movie was playing silently I looked on as I smoked as I watched I began to get horny again . I locked my psalm and began to stroke my dick to the scenes on TV. John had returned walked in to me stroking off he quickly closed the door “ my roommates are home.” He said as he sat on the bed and watched me stroke my shaft “ God you have a nice dick.” He said as he watched me stroke off. He pulled his dick out shaking it at me I toke the hint and wrapped my lips around his dick and began to work his shaft. Once rock hard John got behind me and slid his lubes dick in my man pussy. I bit the pillow as he fucked me until he cam in me…. I spun around on my back jerked my dick as it exploded. I got cleaned up and headed home.
We didn’t talk about what happened for a couple months then one night I got a call from John “ hey um…can you come over. There’s no one here.” And that began our relationship as “ friends with benefits” for years. Which led to many encounters and stories….

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