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Four O'Clock - part 2   3/10/2019

Read all my stories by searching for rm_WordsWolf in erotic stories! [bg bgcolor=#4f3b3b][table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#3

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Walter, Will, Sonia, and Sarah - Part I   2/20/2019

[table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#142ccf] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#12108a] "Where's your ticket?" The large woman at the door asked. [/c

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Cock pics? Are you kidding me?   2/20/2019

[table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#2220aa] "Borrrrringgg!" Tarah sang as she looked over Joe's shoulder,

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Dark umber lips   2/20/2019

[table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#d2d0ea] "You are sooooooo beautiful" I said hovering over Embuka, my cock j

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He was 14" to my five...   2/19/2019

[table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#d2d0ea] He was " to my five. I could fit three hands easily on the length of it,

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Who am I in this heat?   2/19/2019

[table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#d2d0ea] "I'm the devil" he cooed with a low growl, "now, on your

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You blew your wad!?   2/17/2019

You blew your wad? [table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30022c] "You blew your wad in the first two se

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NICE TO MEET YOU   2/17/2019

NICE TO MEET YOU [table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30022c] "You don't get it, do you?" sh

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Own Me   2/14/2019

[bg bgcolor=#4f3b3b][table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30022c] "TAKE ME!" she implored. [size

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Take me? Own me?   2/14/2019

[bg bgcolor=#4f3b3b][table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30022c] "TAKE ME!" she implored. [size

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Four O'clock, the artisans   2/10/2019

[bg bgcolor=#4f3b3b][table cellpadding=2][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30021c] [table cellpadding=][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#30022c] Four O'clock


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Tell me - part 2   2/9/2019

[bg bgcolor=#4f3b3b][table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#40032f] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#40032f] Tell me - part 2 In t

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Tell me... part 1   2/3/2019

[table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=#40032f] [table cellpadding=12][tr][td][bg bgcolor=black] Tell me - part 1 "Come on, tell me"

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Come inside - Part 2   2/2/2019

PART TWO Lifting my head from her small, firm right breast, I asked "What's your name?" realizing I had no idea. Pausing her

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It'll only take a minute   2/2/2019

"Can I drink?" she asked. "Sure" I said, hesitating as I knew it was not legal for a passenger to drink in the car in this state. "Ju

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Come inside - part 1   1/31/2019

PART ONE "Hey" I heard as I passed the tea shop at Grand and 3rd. I stopped and looked around, but didn't see anyone who could

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Hungry?   1/30/2019

Five years ago, I met Eszther, a tall, beautiful, dark haired queen. She had a shy, quiet quality, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, and found myself asking how she was doing, striki

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Babette and Albie   1/29/2019

I went to the bar last night, no idea what I was doing. My wife had been shunning me for ages, and I was fed up. She wouldn't talk, criticized every attempt to talk to her about it, and n

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Who are you... Episode 2   1/28/2019

Wet and sticky, and cooling off, we slept together for several hours recuperating our energy. When we woke, the sun was gone, and the cool night had settled in. We sat up in the dark, and she

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Who are you?   1/27/2019

We met at a diner, both stopping for a break from our long drives. She was headed south, I north, but there in the diner, we fell in love. She was a stunning beauty, small,

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Deep in the 22nd   1/25/2019

Time had not stopped, but changed. We are deep inside the 22nd century, recovering nicely from the ravages of the 21st. Population is down dramatically due to the weaknesses of non-diverse hum

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Howls of...   12/22/2018

[font face=Verdana]The wind is howling today, and my family, such as it is, is treating me like crap - excluding me. The loneliness rings, encircles me. One must let these words in, expecting an answe

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Your luscious wine   12/20/2018

Dripping from that deep and mysterious cave cleaved into the intersection of your two great legs, i found your wine, the elixir of lust, the salted, slick, slippery, welcoming juice, your invitation t

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